Assets University Training Program

Welcome to Assets UniversityAn Intensive Real Estate Prep Course

When you come onboard with us as a real estate professional, we set you up for success the Assets way. Join our 12-week intensive course designed to prepare agents like you for the multifaceted real estate life. In 3 months, you'll learn mental preparation, real estate education, skill-building, and practical application techniques to help you thrive in an ever-changing market.

Success comes from having a winner's mentality that knows the difference between success, failure, and accountability. Invest in yourself and get the right tools to grow your business like a pro.

New Agent Training

  • Goal Setting

  • Bright CRM Training

  • Mastering Paperwork

  • How to Handle Buyers

  • How to Work With Sellers

  • Building Vendor Relationships

Market Report

Investment Training

  • How to Handle Investor Clients

  • How to Work With Contractors & Project Managers

  • Auction

  • Wholesaling

  • Probates

  • Flipping Properties

See The Full Real Estate Training Timeline

Week 1 - MLS, Bright Training, and Time Blocking / Intro to Sphere of Influence
Week 2 - Think and Grow Rick (Mindset Training)
Week 3 - MLS Part II & CRM One Suite
Week 4 - Mastering Comparable, Individual Meetings, and Skills Building
Week 5 - Mastering Paperwork With Zipforms & Skyslope
Week 6 - Buyers’ Training
Week 7 - Listing Training
Week 8 - Independent Practice (Thanksgiving)
Week 9 - Skills Building & Individual Meetings
Week 10 - Wholesaling & Target Lists
Week 11 - Systems For Prospecting
Week 12 - Course Evaluations & Close Out Ceremony

Here’s What You Walk Away With:

  • Contract language interpretation skills
  • Ability to write competitive offers
  • Market analysis tools
  • Listing presentations and buyer consultation prep knowledge
  • Relationship-building and improved communication skills
  • Capacity to identify, retain, and expand your Sphere of Influence
  • Exposure and engagement with real estate investment foundations

Become an asset to your buyers, sellers, and investors like never before. Join ROGA’s flagship 12-week course and scale your business with industry-leading real estate expertise.

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